North Carolina is seriously beautiful.

I’m so happy, SO HAPPY, to be moving back to the Lone Star State in December, but come on. Look at all the lovely. There are four seasons here. And all the colors.

Spending my days outdoors > doing absolutely anything inside. Even sleeping, although I’ve been crazy lethargic lately. But the sun trumps all.

The past few days have been really nice. Yesterday I ran over two miles on the treadmill (it wasn’t too bad because I watched Adam Levine videos the entire time…😉) and today I spent a few hours at the beach. I felt well enough to be active and that was truly exciting. There’s really nothing better than splashing around in the salty water & letting the waves take you down the shore (Adam’s tattoos included!).
It was overcast and a bit grey, but all I could focus on was my happiness—in being outside, in moving my body, in feeling comfortable in a bathing suit for the first summer EVER. I’ve felt more like myself the past few days than I have in quite some time. My body wants to move, it wants to be doing, I want to be working out and to be active in my life. Fingers crossed I get answers at the doctor’s on Monday, and in the meantime, that my body continues to allow me the chance to be the me I want to be! Catching up with one of my greatest loves today wasn’t half bad either—can the waves take me all the way back to Texas? Maybe? :D

It also didn’t hurt that after I ran I didn’t dislike what I saw in the mirror. In fact I liked it enough to document it. This self-love thing is the best.

"I got dressed this morning. For myself.
Put on eye liner. for myself.

Put on my favorite red lipstick. for myself.

Showed a bit of skin. for myself
I wanted to be beautiful. For myself."

— (via 13e)

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Tagged by runnergirlwannabemama to post 6 photos that make me feel beautiful and amazing! Like her, I couldn’t choose just 6. 

While going through my photos, I found that first one. I don’t think I have ever posted it, but you know what? Even though I’m almost 100 pounds heavier in that photo, I still think I was beautiful. There were numerous things I wanted to change about my body back then, but I never once felt like I hated it. 

I used to be fat. I let myself gain more weight that I ever imagined, and then I finally started to change it. My lifestyle is completely different than it used to be, and I’m a different person. I am stronger, more confident, healthy, and happy. I needed this. 

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So much 👍❤️👍

I was tagged by rachaelfightsback to post photos that make me feel beautiful and wonderful and all of the positive adjectives that exude self-love :)

The last photo is my favorite. I remember looking at it after it had been taken and smiling. I’d never seen myself look so happy or so beautiful. My happiness is my beauty, is everyone’s beauty, and is not defined by weight or shape or how many french fries you’ve had today. The girl in all these photos makes me proud. I’ve earned every rumple and dumple, every muscle, and every piece of extra skin on my stomach.

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I’m not as physically active as I’d like to be. I’ve had a lot of health problems over the past year (plus?) and they’ve yet to be resolved and because of that I’m not able to do all the things I’d love to be able to do. A few years ago I was able to run six miles without stopping, I’d attend Zumba classes multiple times a week, I’d kick and punch and lift weights and I felt so powerful. In my mind I still see myself as that active person because I loved being her so much. I know that I will be her again, I just have to be patient (and do anything it takes within the next few months to figure this all out).
I’m still able to get out and be active a bit, and today was one of those days. I could tell it was a good day from the moment I woke up—I didn’t feel dizzy or lethargic—I felt alive! I waited for the sun to go down a bit & then I headed out on my bike. This beautiful park is less than a mile from my house, and no matter how many times I visit, its beauty never ceases to amaze me. I grew up in Houston and the moss, bridges, and four-mile trail that surround Greenfield lake are so unlike the skyscrapers and asphalt I was so accustomed to. Every time I visit I feel at peace and this evening was no different.

I think part of the reason why I’ve waited so long to introduce myself to the tumblr sphere is because I had this mold in mind that I wanted to fit into before I put myself out there. I wanted to be able to workout five days a week. I wanted to eat healthfully AND be active, and I wanted to blog about both. But what I’ve come to realize, partially while on this ride, was that I don’t have to be anyone but the me I am right now. That the me I am today, right this second, is more than enough. That I will cherish the days I am able to ride or run around, and I will do my best on the days that I’m not. I can use these days for planning and creating—I am not bound by my body’s limitations. My words can flow freely without telling of sweat and miles and an escalating heart rate. It was a really freeing ride and one that I desperately needed.
                        The calorie burn wasn’t too shabby, either ;)

"if you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?"

— one of the most eye opening things i’ve read in a while (via mythoughtsarestars)

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Cooking night..take one!

I like to bake, love to bake actually, but I’ve never been one for the whole cooking thing. I can make a killer omelet! But if it doesn’t include eggs, I’m usually out of luck.
So, with someone special I decided to try cooking a new recipe every week. We figured we’d alternate picking them out, and this week it was my turn—and our first go at it!—and I chose chicken avocado cream enchiladas. Pinterest is my savior.

Avocado, cheese, tortillas, and cilantro? Count me in. Healthy, too? Have mercy.


I had to cook the chicken first, and I did so with the fear of Gordon Ramsay within me. No raw bits, all deliciousness. I’m not sure he would have been proud but he wouldn’t have thrown it back at me, so that’s definitely something.
The avocado cream sauce was to die for. I WILL be making this another time—plenty of other times—to dip tortilla chips in. Or maybe just to scoop up with a spoon. It tasted like the freshest guacamole I’ve tasted with a little extra kick. I really wish my entire house smelled like cilantro. Or just me, do they make a cilantro perfume—would that be weird?
The recipe said to put 1 tsp of cheese in each enchilada, but who are we kidding? I’m a firm believer that cheese is the ultimate food group, it’s always been my weak spot. We won’t talk about how much cheese actually went into this dish—but oh boy were they heavenly.

If last night was any indication, these weekly try-out-a-new-recipe dinners are going to leave me overly stuffed & beyond satisfied. It may be silly, but I couldn’t have been more proud pulling these lovelies out of the oven, or sitting down to devour them at the table.

Cooking night week one was a SUCCESS! Entire pan was wiped clean in just a few minutes ;)